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        Enterprises should create environments, build platforms and establish mechanisms to constantly find talents, effectively retain talents, and actively introduce talent and better use of talents.

        1, the concept of the value of personnel knowledge

        Human is the first factor of enterprise development. The real talent is never without cost.

        2, talent recognition concept is capable of talent

        The challenging task is the touchstone of identifying creative talent. A truly good cadre should not only be able to do things, but also bring people. - reliable, capable, willing to do things, do nothing is cadres, outstanding cadres.

        Talent recognition depends on ability, but it depends on performance, and whether or not it can produce performance is the main criterion for talent evaluation.

        3, the concept of finding and retaining talent sometimes lacks talent, and the lack of talent is the focus of attention

        4, talent and team concept

        Talent can not engage in personal heroism, talent can only be a hero in the team.

        5, the concept of talent development

        • breaking the "official standard" system and concepts, opening up the multi-channel and wide field of talent growth, and cultivating four key personnel of technological R & D, management, marketing and skilled workers.


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