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      服務熱線:86-571-82308368   銷售部電話:86-571-82312573   公司傳真:86-571-82312593  公司地址:中國杭州蕭山區聞堰工業區萬達中路37號




      公司總廠區 分工司廠房

      Zhejiang You-fa Machinery CO., Ltd is located at beautiful Hangzhou, south side of Qian-tang River, has distance of 4km from No.1,4th and 5th Bridge on Qian-tang Rive, has 15km to 2nd and 3rd Bridge, it only needs 30 Min to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.
      Our Company was established in 1995, we have more than 100 workers now, with capital asserts of 10 millions, producing professionally more than 80000 pieces annually for all kinds and specifications of reeds for Air Jet Loom, Water Jet Loon, and Rapier Loon, made steady business relationship with over 500 enterprises among more than 20 provinces and cities , sold products to Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. The quality is inspected to be qualified by Quality Surveillance Inspection Center OF National Textile and Equipment, and equipped the inspection machines form this Inspection Center. The products will be 100% inspected to be up to grade before finish, which has well reputed by end users.
      We have passed the Quality System Certificate of ISO9001-2000 in the year of 2003. We always pursue the principle of “Quality First, Serve Truly”, we consider the quality of products same as the quality of human being, based on sincere service, high quality, low price, supply on time, which have met the needs from clients.


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