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      服務熱線:86-571-82308368   銷售部電話:86-571-82312573   公司傳真:86-571-82312593  公司地址:中國杭州蕭山區聞堰工業區萬達中路37號


      1. 享受免費返廠氣流檢測服務(限本公司出產的噴氣鋼筘)。

      2. 享受免費鋼筘清洗一次(限本公司出產的鋼筘產品)。

      3. 根據成本定價品質鋼筘外推出高品質鋼筘個性化服務,適用高端布料織造。

      4. 固定化的售后回訪,以及時溝通處理業務。

      5. 提供海陸空全方位運輸服務,保證貨物安全到達。

      1. enjoy the free return air flow test service (limited to jet steel reeds produced by our company).
      2. enjoy the free steel reed cleaning (limited to the company's Reed products).
      3., according to cost pricing quality, reed outside the introduction of high-quality reed, personalized service, suitable for high-end fabric weaving.
      4., fixed after-sales visits, as well as communication processing business.
      5., providing land, sea and air transportation services to ensure the safe arrival of the goods.


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